Medeba Golf Classic 2018

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Sponsorship Questions

Q Will I receive a charitable tax receipt?
A Yes - Medeba is a registered charity with the Canadian Customs and Revenue Agency and eligible to issue receipts for income tax purposes. Receipts will be issued for sponsorships of $20 or more.

Q I am not a Canadian citizen and do not reside in Canada. Will I receive a charitable tax receipt?
A You will receive a receipt from Medeba. However, you may not be able to use it to claim against your income taxes depending on your country of residence. We recommend you check on your government's website regarding donating to foreign charities.

Q What will happen to my personal information?
A We want to respect your privacy and we would like to keep you informed about the ministry of Medeba and other ways you can be involved. Your information provided will be used to contact you for purposes around this golf tournament and to issue you a receipt also please let us know if you would like to join our friends of Medeba mailing list.

Golfer Questions

Q How do I register as a golfer?
A You can register to golf using the link below. If you have any questions prior to registering, please contact Bruce Dunning or Steve Archibald, who are overseeing the event.

Q What will it cost me to play?
A Nothing. We will cover all the costs associated with golfing, green fees, power carts, lunch and the dinner. We will even rent clubs for you if you need them. We will also provide you with a quantity of balls.

Q Who can golf?
A Anyone who has an interest in helping Medeba raise money, can golf!

Q Can I sponsor myself?
A Yes you can sponsor yourself; in fact it helps when asking others to sponsor you if you do. However, the tax receipt with be the amount you donated less the values of the meals.

Q Can I invite a friend to be a golfer?
A Yes — the more the better. We require each golfer to work to raise $1,000.

Q Do I have to golf 100 holes?
A Certainly not! If you are not planning to play 100 holes you can ask for sponsorships based upon flat-rate and golf for the day.

Q What if I don't raise $1,000 in sponsorships?
A We still want you to come and play. Any amount of sponsorship is helpful. But keep trying. You can still ask people to sponsor you after the golf tournament.


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